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Available DE & PA:
Pops McCann SIngle Grain Whiskey is the very first whiskey available out of the Pops McCann lineup.. Smoothest Whiskey in the Land ... Pops McCann...
This whiskey is 100% French Corn where many wars were fought including WW1... A spiritual use of the French Corn that is grown in these feilds of France.. It is harvested and shipped to Ireland...  Then Distilled  & Aged in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland..
Pops then pulls this whiskey out  tad early and sent on the ships across the Atlantic Ocean where it travles through Quebec & Canada ... Down into the United States of America via Michigan where it is bottled.
A truly spiritual Whiskey unlike it of any kind in the world... The Wars, The Ancestors, The Ships, and th new lands are remembered... The Blood, Sweat , and Tears are never forgotten..

Pops McCann Single Grain Whiskey - Import Available in store.

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Presented by the Legendary Pops McCann this whiskey is 100% made from French corn. 40% Alcohol by volume. 80 Proof...


    For all legal drinking ages all the way up to Mom Mom & Pops.

  • TBD

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