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Pops McCann's story started many years ago. Just prior to" The Great War", WW1...  John Francis McCann met his future wife Anna Hughes McCann at a Olde Irish Dance at Front & Emerald St.  in the Kensington Section of Philadelphia, PA. They couldn't have been farther from their birthplace. John was born in Scranton who worked in the coal mines and Anna  born in Atlantic City.


But As fate would have it they met at the right angle between Scranton and Atlantic City. The Hustle & bustle of Philadelphia. John survives WW1 , then comes back to two wonderfully talented daughters Mary McCann & Helen McCann. They two spread the family tree and have many children and then many grandchildren come as well in the starting heart of Philadelphia... Kensington.


100 years later the Great Grandson of John and Anna  has started his own Spirits business after his firing as a National Sales Manager of a company. He started J. F. McCann Spirits & Co. His first product was to be none other than a historical one... Pop's McCann Irish Whiskey,  to tell the family story just like so many other stories of the same of American Irish Families. May we all tell all of our stories.. The stories that make it happen for us to be Alive today.


Jason F. Fogg -  Owner & Founder

Great Grandson of John & Anna

Jason was born in Philadelphia, PA He was raised in the bar business at a very early age in the Juniata Park section of Philadelphia. He grew up in a Bar in Juniata Park Called Pat's Pub at M St. & Erie Avenue. He had a bedroom in the basement of a bar, Nintendo, a futon, chicken wings, coca-cola, and all the Aunts & Uncles & family you could ask for.

He was a beer salesman from 23 years old to 29 yrs. He then traveled cross country. First was his trip to Florida where he lived for 8 months. Then came back home to visit his grandmom. After her passing in 2009. He embarked on a cross country journey in honor of her. Anna May and her long time Boyfriend Joe would always take trips like this. This installed a bucket list journey for him. He did this in May/June of that year. He did 10 cities in 13 days and made it all the way to LA to become an Actor. But his first stop on the list was Lexington, KY. This is where the idea Popped Up to start a distillery / Whiskey company way back in 2009...


After California and trying to be an actor, He came back East where he found the most success in Acting. In the days of back East doing NYC and Philly gigs. He started working at a local Philly liqueur company where he taught himself the Spirits business.. Eventually in a almost 6 year run he ran the whole sales department and wore many many hats. All the while thinking of still of  my own one day.

After a few years of family history research and ancestry information, Jason the Great Grandson of John Francis McCann & Anna Hughes McCann, decides to embark on his own journey to create his own Whiskey company. His mind is a historical one and a throwback type to his great ancestors so he decides his first product should be a historical product in honor of his ancestors who struggled, fought , overcame the great situations on the early days of this country,, The USA...

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