Pops McCann will come to you and do a tasting for you & 5-10-15-20 of your friends and family...


You recevie all 5 bottles with this purchase...


I will pour out all 5 of my whiskies and we will have a Pops McCann Whiskey Presentation of Olde World History, Ancestors & Lineage, Memories, & of Course Taste Pops Whiskey...  

Lastly some theatrics with a special toast dedicated to all those you request... 


In the living room, parlour, backyard, porch, front steps, roof top, weddings, funerals, cemeteries, beaches... You Name it and Pops will be there. 


You get all 5 whiskies poured and Pops McCann plus whatever trinkets I have...



Pops McCann

“Let’s Have A Taste”


Pops McCann Gang Pack:

1- Pops McCann Coal Miners Rye 100 Proof

1- Pops McCann Apple Huckster Rye 95 Proof

1- Pops McCann Train Whistle Wheat 93 Proof

1- Pops McCann Prohibition Style Kentucky Bourbon 100 Proof

Plus a Orginal Pops McCann Single Grain Whiskey


Pops Special Tasting Event